Line Edit for Short Stories (40k words or less)

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This service includes a copyedit for your novella.  Story must contain 40k words or less. 

Please email me PRIOR to booking to confirm a start and end date for your project, especially if you have a deadline you're aiming to hit. 


What will this service address within your writing piece?

  • Overall flow of story
  • Story pacing
  • Ensuring each chapter drives the story forward
  • Showing versus telling
  • Word repetition
  • Consistency of spelling, hyphenation, numbers, names, and facts.
  • Awkward word choice and/or sentence structure
  • Any incorrect dialogue tags/punctuation 
  • Point of view inconsistencies
  • Irrelevant language
  • Repetition and redundancies
  • Punctuation
  • Obvious errors, such as missing words, double words, and spelling mistakes

*This is not a developmental edit. if you want a full developmental edit as well as what's offered above, we can discuss the difference in pricing.*

This edit DOES NOT include proofreading, although I will note and correct every error that I see. I will likely catch most of the errors, but I do advise contracting a second set of eyes to thoroughly proofread your work. (Please note my advice given within the editing landing page.)