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Gray Spots - Hardcover

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Copyright: September 2016

Gray Spots is a story for those learning to conquer their fears. In this story, fears are represented as gray spots that hover around a person's head. The more fear surrounding a person, the harder it becomes to see. When we live our lives in fear, those fears block our sight and affect every decision we make. Before we know it, we are no longer following our dreams, having fun, or pursuing worthy endeavors due to doubt, anxiety, and/or insecurity. The power our fears have is the power we allow them to have. If we stop feeding these thoughts and instead focus our energy on learning to overcome, our fears would lose their control over us. They would no longer influence our choices or play a part in how we live our lives. Gray Spots is meant to remind people of this.

Gray Spots is also a call-to-action to stand up for what is right and to end bullying. The hope is that readers of all ages will be reminded that they are not only responsible for defending themselves during times of hardship, but also those who may be unable to stand up for themselves. Life is a mixture of what we're dealt and how we choose to respond. The world needs more fearless people. It needs more individuals who aren't afraid to pursue challenging careers/passions in an attempt to contribute something positive to society. It also needs more people who are willing to encourage confidence in others, be it loved ones or strangers. I hope Gray Spots alleviates the fears and burdens that hinder people from being the best version of themselves and reminds them that a little bit of bravery can make all the difference.