Editing & Consultation Services

These services will help transform your writing with precision and style!

I can help with shorter pieces—anything from your newest children's book or book description, to college essays, website content, or newsletters—as well as longer content, such as short stories and full manuscripts!



Please email me PRIOR to booking to confirm a start and end date for your project, especially if you have a deadline you're aiming to hit. Nicolinenovels@gmail.com

On shorter pieces (5k words or less), I offer both copyediting AND proofreading within the cost of the service.

For longer pieces, I only offer copy edits, line edits, or development edits. I strongly advise that you also budget for a professional proofread. *Keep in mind* that copy edits and proofreads are NOT the same thing, and most editors specialize in one or the other. (It is very rare to find an editor that can execute both with precision, especially for longer pieces of work.)



Pick my brain about all things writing, art direction, self-publishing, and book events! Do you need help with art direction and/or printing guidance for your new children's book? Would you like to learn more about the self-publishing process? Are you interested in hearing my advice on how to improve your writing style without contracting an editing service? These are a few of the many things we can chat about during a consultation!

Please email me if you have any questions after browsing through the services in this section. Nicolinenovels@gmail.com