Into the Foxhole

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Imagine if all the pivotal moments in your life manifested as fantastical stories inside your mind—every defining memory, emotion, and interaction existing in your head as an ever-evolving fairytale. Imagine if the essential parts of your identity fractured into spectacular characters within magical storylands personifying the moments that have shaped your life.

How would your story read?

Inside this book are Jane’s stories—every story that you read takes place within her mind. When her mental health is challenged by an invasive illness, the whimsical harmony inside her head is disrupted. Chaos ensues and the line separating ruin from love becomes blurred. Fantastical creatures representing different parts of her identity—known as the Faces—rally to save her, but how do we save ourselves when we are also the enemy?

Here, you will witness Jane’s struggle for salvation.

Here, you will learn how to love yourself anyway.

Into the Foxhole is an intense poetic fantasy tale for those who enjoy deep and abstract reads. For those in the trenches fighting silent, solitary battles—this one is for you. This is how we save ourselves.