Motion is the Potion

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Suggested for ages 3 - 8

Book Description:

Motion is the Potion is a story that encourages healing through movement. From navigating difficult emotions to remedying small ailments, motion is often the potion that will elevate your mood and improve your health.

Exercise not only facilitates good physical health, but it also helps maintain good mental health. Whether you’re stretching, walking, running, or strength training—the key is to MOVE! Activity of any kind—small or large—is positive. Make daily movement a priority and watch your life transform. 

This story also addresses the importance of nature in our health routines. Our bodies are miraculously intertwined with the natural world, and once we recognize this bond, our ability to self-care transcends. Sunlight, clean water, fresh air, connecting to healthy soil, medicinal herbs, essential minerals and nutrients, healing vibrations and frequencies—it can all be found in nature! Utilizing Earth’s resources is the ultimate way to recharge and restore your body.

Motion is the potion for a healthy mind.

Nature creates medicine of the purest kind.

Bonus content! Motion is the Potion has an additional storyline about giving and receiving within friendships.

Don’t forget to check on the givers in your life—sometimes they need help, too.


Book Specs:


Paperback w/ glossy cover and matted full-color pages.

48 pages