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Purple Spots - Hardcover

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Copyright: August 2019

Purple Spots is a story about acceptance and loving people for who they are. In this story, every person is born with a purple spot over their heart. As long as we view those around us with kindness, the purple spots always remain. When our views of others are shaped by negativity, the purple spots fade and disappear, as does the rest of the color that decorates our lives. We are the same where it matters most, heart to heart. Our differences make the world a beautiful place. Without them, the world turns gray. 

In Purple Spots, the story focuses on the innocence of children; if we could learn to see the world again through the eyes of a child, perhaps the world would be a more kind, loving, and forgiving place. Hatred begins when learned prejudices creep into the minds of our youth, and unfortunately, those damaging thoughts and words float all around us.

I wrote Purple Spots to inspire compassion. We must learn to listen with open hearts, speak up when something is unjust, show patience towards that which we might not understand, and forgive even when it is hard to do so. We must stop deepening the manmade divisions and begin the healing process. To protect the sanctity of future generations, we must make a change now. We are responsible for what we say, we are responsible for what we do, and we are responsible for the mark we leave on this world—whether that be a small footprint in the life of a child, or a crater-sized milestone marked in history books. Make your mark a good one. Radiate kindness into the world, and watch your positive energy inspire those around you to do the same. When we stand together, love triumphs over hatred.

Let love win.