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This type of edit applies to short stories, novellas, and novels.

Full manuscript edits are charged by the word based on the type of edit you select. Please email me to learn the rates. Nicolinenovels@gmail.com

 *This booking is listed at $0 because the cost will be determined during our email exchange. Feel free to book this via my website at $0 to reserve a spot on my editing calendar. Please note: While I work in a timely fashion, I cannot promise start or finish dates until we converse via email.


There are 3 editing options:

1. Copy Edit

2. Line Edit

3. Developmental Edit


What does a copy edit include?

  • Word choice
  • Word repetition
  • Correcting any incorrect dialogue tags/punctuation 
  • Identifying areas for sentence structure improvement
  • Correcting obvious errors, such as missing words, double words, and spelling mistakes
  • General assessment of characters and plot line in a final write-up


What does a line edit include? All of the above PLUS:

  • Overall flow of story
  • Story pacing
  • Showing versus telling
  • Consistency of spelling, hyphenation, numbers, names, and facts.
  • Identifying & suggesting improvements for awkward word choice and/or sentence structure
  • Point of view inconsistencies
  • Irrelevant language
  • Repetition of plot points
  • General assessment of characters and plot line with suggestions for improvements (as needed) in a final write-up


What does a developmental edit include? All of the above PLUS:

  • Notes throughout the manuscript assessing and offering feedback/suggestions regarding characters and plot line. (As needed)
  • Further development of the plot
  • Locating and resolving plot holes
  • Context consistency 
  • Plot continuity
  • Ensuring each chapter drives the story forward
  • Consistency regarding character behavior, development, & purpose
  • Building characterization
  • Narrative tone and style
  • Overall structure, including chapter placement and/or reorganization
  • Assistance with world-building 
  • Building a more descriptive setting
  • Maximizing dramatic tension and conflict


Please note: all edits include a second pass (if requested) on a moderate amount of revisions (30% or less)—track changes for new revisions must be left ON. The second pass will only address new revisions. After my first pass, it will be my determination if the manuscript needs a 30% or more rewrite. If so, a second pass is not included. Instead, I'll offer 1 free hour-long writing consultation where we can discuss the edits and I can offer further guidance with your rewrite. If another full edit is needed, it will be a new cost.


None of these edits include proofreading. I will note and correct every error that I see. I will likely catch most of them, but I do advise contracting a second set of eyes for a thorough proofread. (Please note my advice given within the editing landing page.)