Occavas (Book 3 - Namaté Series)

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This is a story about the world we know.

The race to seize the scepter of alchemy is on. Coveted by numerous forces, each with varying motivations to possess such magic, the safety of Namaté is in jeopardy. As fates cross and ancient riddles are solved, unexpected threats arise to muddy the fight.

Beneath the battlefield of Namaté exists a world within a world—Occavas, the origin planet; a secret land filled with terrestrial magic and respect amongst the few species granted access to its portals. But such harmony can only continue if Occavas remains hidden to those waging war above, and as new contenders enter the Great Fight, the fates of both worlds are endangered, as one cannot survive without the other.

This is a story about the home we’ve forgotten.