Orewall (Book 1 - Namaté Series)

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This is a story about a man made of stone.

Rhoco Leath is accustomed to destruction. Breaking things is part of his nature, and though it frustrates him, he has accepted this reality. Orewall is home to the Bouldes, people born of stone, and though the world is full of vibrant intrigue and countless combative players, Rhoco cannot be bothered with such complexities. He is a typical Boulde: stubborn and simple, with little interest in friendship, love, or the world beyond Orewall.

But when a fragile, glass heart washes ashore, everything changes. Rhoco is compelled to protect the foreign relic, and as it bonds to him, his attachment grows – as do the tantalizing visions and menacing magic that have plagued Rhoco since its arrival. The mysterious heart ensnares him, heart and soul, until he has no choice but to embark upon a quest to find its owner.

This is a story about a heart made of glass.