Becoming Fire - Eshe: Champion of the Core - The Complete Trilogy

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3 novellas in 1 book!


Discovering Fire

There's a voice in the fire. Are you listening?

Eshe Ahikiwe is a 10-year-old surviving violent conflict in the Eastern Rift of Africa. While rebel groups recruiting child soldiers plague her family’s escape to Kenya, their love for one another gives them the strength to persevere. Traveling through the harsh Ugandan countryside, Eshe feels a pull within the flame, but cannot quite pinpoint the source. When trouble finds her and she thinks she might lose her courage, nature reminds her that she must carry on—not only for herself, but also for her family. Through trials, triumphs, and great loss, Eshe quickly learns that the fire is her friend.

Discovering Fire is an emotionally gripping novella that highlights the moments in Eshe’s childhood that shape her journey into becoming Champion of the Core.

Embracing Fire

Eshe Ahikiwe is a 15-year-old in Kenya, Africa, navigating the childhood trauma she narrowly survived. Though she has suffered great heartache, the love from her extended family has given her the courage to carry on. Though their love sees her through, she refuses to give up on her past. The fire guides her in new directions, helping her grow and evolve. Through new connections, a blossoming education, and sheer determination, Eshe’s unrelenting search for all she has lost is set ablaze.
With fire on her side, will Eshe’s love prevail?

Embracing Fire is an emotionally gripping novella that highlights the moments in Eshe’s teenage years that define her journey as she becomes Champion of the Core.

Becoming Fire

Eshe Ahikiwe is a young adult thriving in Kenya, Africa. Aware now of her connection to the flame, she moves more swiftly in her attempts to become worthy of her title as Champion. Still, she cannot forget those she has lost along the way. A raging battle between saving the past and securing the future leaves Eshe torn—she cannot forsake her lost family members, nor can she fail the fire’s quest. Mind focused and heart aflame, Eshe decides to salvage both.

Becoming Fire is an emotionally gripping novella that highlights the moments in Eshe’s young adulthood that define how she becomes Champion of the Core.


This trilogy is the first of seven installments for the CHAMPION collection! Each Champion will get their own backstory that leads into Hall of Mosses.