Evo: The Elements

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Two worlds, one planet. Half the population is destroying the environment and headed for extinction, while the other half exists for the sole purpose of keeping the earth alive.
Eons ago, people chose to hide from the destructive cities being built. They created new homes in the caves, mountains, islands, and jungles. Through evolution, they became the Elements. They reign over the fire, air, water, and terrain of Earth. Their jobs are to keep the planet spinning while the rest of the population rots in their toxic cities, surrounded by smog and unaware of the world outside their concrete wastelands. The Elements must keep their existence secret from the remaining humans, the Debauched, in order to prevent the onslaught of a Planetary War.

Maila lives in the sky, where secrets are abundant and the truth is scarce. Although she lives in Ayren, she wants to leave the clouds in order to see the world and learn more about her brother Elements: the people of Ahi who control the fires within the earth, the people of Coralen who live in the oceans, and the people of Tier who reign over the jungles. However, millennia-old tradition and familial pressure forbid her from doing so. Will Maila be able to break free of this fate, or will she succumb to the expectations designed by society and her family?

Evo: The Elements paints a conceivable future, both grim and whimsical. We must decide where our future lies: in nature or with our materialistic desires.