Field of Ashes (Book 2 - Hall of Mosses Series)

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The world is blanketed in ash. Gaia is gone, but she left specific instructions for the Champions with each of their corresponding elements. With careful timing and placement, she has orchestrated the perfect rebirth for Earth. Her magic is set to let the planet heal at a proper pace and her faith is placed in the Champions for a graceful resurrection of humanity. Little do they realize, they are not alone and a grave opposition is buried beneath the ruins.

While the Champions and their followers were the only humans meant to endure the purge, pockets of unintended survivors manage to slip beneath the radar of Gaia’s rage. Buried beneath the ash, they emerge months after the fallout, confused and determined to rebuild. Their goals do not align with that of nature and their presence in the new world will be a test of the Champions’ resolve. Can they unite and join forces for the greater good? Or will their opposing outlooks for the rebuild of Earth cause tragic tensions? Though the Champions evolve rapidly into their elements with the help of Gaia’s magic, it may not be enough to stop the force of all those who awoke, scorned and betrayed, beneath fields of ashes.

Field of Ashes is book 2 in the Hall of Mosses series.