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Gears of the Sun

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Solarpunks rule the sun.

Among them are four factions: Thermapunks, Aeropunks, Terrapunks, and Hydropunks. Together, they protect the source flame and deliver warmth to the universe beyond. Though they work in precise harmony to keep the golden gears of Quintessence churning, the relationships between them are strained by class warfare and a social hierarchy that often leaves the Thermapunks with ultimate control. The only thing keeping their delicate alliances intact is the ever-present threat of moon monsters who wish to steal the source flame.

Emmeline Dawes is destined for greatness as a Thermapunk, but when an outside force cripples her sense of self and challenges everything she was trained to believe, she begins to question the world around her. Is her greatest foe truly from a faraway moon? Or does the enemy live within herself?

Gears of the Sun is a sci-fi drama with an elemental steampunk twist that examines the fragile nature of separating a blessing from a curse.