Becoming Fire (Eshe: Champion of the Core - Book 3)

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There's a voice in the fire. Are you listening?

Eshe Ahikiwe is a young adult thriving in Kenya, Africa. Aware now of her connection to the flame, she moves more swiftly in her attempts to become worthy of her title as Champion. Still, she cannot forget those she has lost along the way. A raging battle between saving the past and securing the future leaves Eshe torn—she cannot forsake her lost family members, nor can she fail the fire’s quest. Mind focused and heart aflame, Eshe decides to salvage both.

Becoming Fire is an emotionally gripping novella that highlights the moments in Eshe’s young adulthood that define how she becomes Champion of the Core.


This trilogy is the first of seven installments for the CHAMPION collection! Each Champion will get their own backstory that leads into Hall of Mosses.