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Blue Spots - Hardcover

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Copyright: May 2015


Blue Spots is a story for people burdened by sadness. In the city where it takes place, emotional scars appear on the characters as blue spots. In our world, these marks are internal and invisible, but in this book they are external and displayed for all to see. They symbolize the various forms of sorrow a person might encounter during their lifetime.

My intention when writing this story was to instill hope. I hope it gives those who live with sadness the courage to persevere through their darkest times. I wrote this story with children in mind, but I believe the message it conveys covers all ages. We all experience various types of sadness in our lives. And while grieving is a critical part of the healing process, we must never dwell there. Blue Spots is a reminder that you can turn a sad situation into a positive one with the right frame of mind. It doesn't erase the pain or suffering, but it will help you transition through the grief in a healthy manner, rather than a destructive one. Going through hard times shapes us into stronger, wiser, and kinder human beings. If we let the lessons they bring fill our lives with strength instead of unshakable despair, I think we'd be amazed at the transformation we would see within ourselves.

Blue Spots was published in 2015 and is the first installment in the Spots Series by Nicoline Evans, which addressed the wide array of emotions we experience as human beings.