Carrying Stones

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A collection of photography and poetry.All photos and poems © Nicoline Evans

A collection of photography and poetry.

All photos and poems © Nicoline Evans

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Great writer

For the broken to come alive

As a man whose broken hearts, promises and vows and who has had the same done to him, I keep this book of poems close, next to the Bible I read daily, it is a solace as well as parallel of my life experiences. Reading it brings waves of yesterday's lost and want of gain today. Simply put, the author's travel photos and words on paper resonate hope in its fullest and deepest sense. Highly recommend a read through not just once but over and over again.

Bill M.
Worth it for the Photography Alone!

In my opinion, this poetry book has some great appeal to it! Honestly, looking from a pure consumer standpoint, I could buy this book even if there were no written words on the pages. The nature photography captured in this book is that good. There are plenty of vibrant colors, sunrises, sunsets, and variety of locales that would entice any lover of the natural world. Not surprisingly, much of the poetry alludes to nature or some form of it. From my first read through, i got the sense of a lot of emotion being poured into these poems. There definitely are connections or reasons tied to the photograph and the poem that appear on the same page. Definitely worth multiple readings to explore the full meaning and interpretations of the poetry. Beautifully written and aesthetically appealing book. Highly recommended!