Crystet (Book 2 - Namaté Series)

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This is a story about a girl made of glass.

When all is lost, how do you hold onto hope? When the world is against you, do you fight back or surrender?

Princess Gwynessa Gunvaldsson of Crystet has no choice but to adapt. Despite her constant flirtation with mischief and a never-ending waltz with grief, she endures, determined to enact an altruistic shift amongst her people. But when the unimaginable occurs, she is faced with a choice: to sacrifice everything or to let the monsters win.

With a brave spirit and determination to challenge fate, she sets forth on a noble quest of justice and nothing can stop her from seeking vengeance on he who hurt her most. Tangled in a web of dark magic and cursed by mysterious setbacks, can she save everything she loves without losing herself along the way? Or will she succumb to the darkness and let her evil side reign victorious?
The choice is grave, but she has promises to keep.

This is a story about her broken heart.