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Hall of Mosses (Book 1 - Hall of Mosses Series)

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There’s a whisper in the forest. Are you listening?

Deep in the forest, lost and found amongst the trees, Juniper Tiernan seeks refuge from the world. Safe from the unpredictability of humanity, she finds comfort in her solitude beneath the shelter of the trees. After years of splitting her time between the real world and her earth-made sanctuary, she discovers her connection with nature has taken a strange turn. When the trees begin to speak, her logic suspects lunacy while her heart craves more. She desperately wants to believe the voices are real and recruits the ear of her friend Roscoe, an Olympic National Park ranger, who cannot hear the voices and deems her claims impossible. But as time passes the trees’ grim prophecies come to fruition and Juniper’s claims appear validated. Roscoe is forced to question his initial doubts and both are thrust into undesired roles of responsibility.
The world as they know it is shifting and if the whispered predictions are correct, all life on Earth will be shattered. Though the trees guide her to safety, persuading others to follow is a challenge. Unsure how to proceed and ensure the survival of her loved ones, she does all she can to convince them to accompany her to the Hall of Mosses. With fierce determination and a resolute trust in nature, Juniper marches toward an uncertain fate.