Rise of the Moon

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Lunarians rule the moon.

Living in a sophisticated society within the moon, these fierce arthropod-humanoids of Mōnalene not only serve the humans of Earth, but also protect their special lunar magic from opposing moon creatures. Without the Lunarians, order among the Lunar Collation would cease. And without the Lunarians’ determined theft and redistribution of solar flames, the earthlings would freeze to death in the cold hours of night.

Despite the importance of their purpose, their rivalry with the Solarpunks persists.

Dragonfly warrior, Odonata Luna of Mōnalene, is determined to mend the broken bond between her moon and the sun, but at what cost? Her mission to align with the enemy has caused great division among her people, as well as an ever-growing feeling of isolation as she carries onward. Even worse, the survival of Emmeline Dawes—her unexpected cohort in creating an alliance with the sun—was uncertain, and if her attempt to save this beloved, noble Solarpunk fails, her mission to establish unity could instead lead to a greater war between the sun and the moon.

Discovery of evil forces manipulating and threatening the delicate workings of their existence strengthens Luna’s resolve, and the choice for her stubborn opposers and enemies becomes imperative: align or perish.

Rise of the Moon is the sci-fi fantasy conclusion to the Gears of the Sun duology.