Starter Pack Bundle

Young Adults

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Bundle Includes:- 5 paperback booksHall of Mosses series (3 books)Nether IsleEvo: The Elements- 3 metal bookmarks that match the books- 5 buttons, one to match each book- Full,...

Bundle Includes:

- 5 paperback books

  • Hall of Mosses series (3 books)
  • Nether Isle
  • Evo: The Elements

- 3 metal bookmarks that match the books

- 5 buttons, one to match each book

- Full, shrink-wrapped set of the Champion trading cards (7 cards in total)

 Reviews available on individual product pages.

** Nether Isle is paranormal and has a spooky theme

** Read my "About the Books" section to learn how these storylines intertwine!