The Darkest Garden

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The Darkest Garden is a collection of poems organized in a way that tells a story of growth and survival. I scoured through old journals,...

The Darkest Garden is a collection of poems organized in a way that tells a story of growth and survival. I scoured through old journals, tore apart the poems I wrote during my younger years, and polished them into something I am proud to share. I arranged this book into three parts: me, you, and today. Part I focuses on the darkness that took root inside me when I was younger—a darkness that still lives in me today. Those shadow blossoms made me who I am. They influence all of my work. They add depth to the person I am proud to be, and though they were hard to control and learn to love when they first emerged, I would not trade them for anything. Part II focuses on outward brokenness; heartache caused by people other than myself. A collection of connections that changed me for the better and taught me who I am, even if those transformations and lessons came at the cost of a broken heart. Part III is where I am at today. Broken, but whole. Alive, alert, and overjoyed to tackle the adventure of life. This is my journey: the good, the bad, and the ugly. I cherish every heartbreak—those I caused myself and those I suffered with another. Without them, my heart would be a shallow void unable to empathize with the hurting of this world. My mind would be missing the dark labyrinth that fuels my creativity. My soul would be unrecognizable. So I thank each and every moment that brought me to today. I am here to stay

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Reached into me

Really connected with this book. The poems reached into me and brought me to a point of reflection. Truly gifted.


I purchased her poetry book at anime con a few years back and its been one of my favorites ever since! as soon as i sat down to read it, i was obsessed. every poem spoke to me and each one was BEAUTIFULLY written. i 1000% RECOMMEND this
poetry book!!

Bill M.
Poetry can be personal and powerful

I gave this poetry book a try after stopping by nicoline's booth at NY comic con as it was one of her newest books at the time. i think poetry tends to be very personal and can many times be a writer's creative start before writing stories. This was one of the main reasons why i chose to pick it up as it can delve deeper into the originations of creative thought and personal experiences of an author transferred into a form of written expression. I personally enjoyed the poems in the third and final part of the book as they deal with triumph over darkness. at least that was my own interpretation of them. Haha! It seems it was the natural conclusion to the flow of the book where it starts out from a darker point of origin. I particularly enjoyed "I am Fire" and "Beam Me Up." I give this book 4 out of 5 stars only because i tend to enjoy poetry in a more traditional stanza form. the poetry in this book is written in more anecdotal, paragraph form, which is on purpose as a creative choice to convey a story. this is a good idea, but i think the reader would appreciate the skill and various rhymes nicoline used more clearly if the poems were arranged in traditional stanzas. however, i do understand that was not the main intent of this book. Overall, worth a try for something different to read.