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The Darkest Garden

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The Darkest Garden is a collection of poems organized in a way that tells a story of growth and survival. I scoured through old journals, tore apart the poems I wrote during my younger years, and polished them into something I am proud to share. I arranged this book into three parts: me, you, and today. Part I focuses on the darkness that took root inside me when I was younger—a darkness that still lives in me today. Those shadow blossoms made me who I am. They influence all of my work. They add depth to the person I am proud to be, and though they were hard to control and learn to love when they first emerged, I would not trade them for anything. Part II focuses on outward brokenness; heartache caused by people other than myself. A collection of connections that changed me for the better and taught me who I am, even if those transformations and lessons came at the cost of a broken heart. Part III is where I am at today. Broken, but whole. Alive, alert, and overjoyed to tackle the adventure of life. This is my journey: the good, the bad, and the ugly. I cherish every heartbreak—those I caused myself and those I suffered with another. Without them, my heart would be a shallow void unable to empathize with the hurting of this world. My mind would be missing the dark labyrinth that fuels my creativity. My soul would be unrecognizable. So I thank each and every moment that brought me to today. I am here to stay