The Humbugs Save Christmas

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AGE RANGE: Depending on reading level, ages 6 - 12.

This is an illustrated chapter book. It's for kids who want to read thick novels, but aren't quite there yet. Or kids who are just discovering their love for reading bigger books. The content is appropriate for readers on the younger side of the scale, and still a very fun and meaningful read for the older ones! This book has the formatting of a regular novel with illustrations scattered throughout the story.

Book Specs:


100 pages



Have you ever heard of a humbug?


Well, they are the grumpiest creatures in the North Pole.

Humbugs are the opposite of jolly—they prefer their humdrum routine over exciting spontaneity, they only wear drab colors, and you won’t ever catch them in a fit of giggles.

The humbugs dislike most things, but what they hate most of all is Christmas.

Now, would you believe me if I told you that Christmas couldn’t happen without them?

It’s true!

Without the grouchy humbugs, the jolliest holiday wouldn’t exist!

Three ingredients create Christmas magic: holiday cheer, light from the North Star, and humbug magic.

That’s right—humbugs provide the magic that fuels Christmas.


When the North Pole suffers a holiday cheer mishap, the humbugs are the only ones who can fix it.

Out of duty, discipline, and to protect his humbug legacy, Pepper Plump, General of the Humbugs, sets forth on a mission to save Christmas. Despite his dislike for the holiday and the horrible merriment he would surely encounter, Pepper braves the jubilant nightmare and enters Christmas Village.

Will he save Christmas, or will his woeful loathing get in the way?

Will he save Christmas, or will Christmas save him?