When You're Missing Me

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When you’re missing me … read this book!

When You’re Missing Me is a story written to help children who experience separation anxiety when their loved ones aren’t near. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings—there are a lot of important relationships in a child’s life, and each comes with unique situations where a child might find themself missing someone close to them.

There are many scenarios that keep children away from the people they love: long days at school, busy work schedules, family separation, divorce, health complications, long overdue vacations, etc. This story will remind children that they are loved, no matter the distance or time between them and their loved ones.

This book also suggests tools to help alleviate any separation anxiety a child may feel. Simple solutions such as holding a photo of their loved one close or writing letters to the person they are missing. There are many ways to cope, and every child will respond uniquely to different techniques. See which method excites your child, and encourage them to give it a try the next time you are apart.

And above all else, this story will remind them that no matter the distance, they are always in your heart.