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Nether Isle

By Nicoline Evans

Nether Isle

Genre: paranormal

***Age Range: YA — content appropriate for Middle School age & up.


Spooky, nautical, and full of magic, Nether Isle is a whimsical tale about loneliness and learning to let others in.

This is a standalone story, for which I have plans to write spin-offs about some of the supporting characters that appear later in the book.

For those of you who love this book... give Hall of Mosses a try. Aspects from Nether Isle make an appearance in Vale of Fire (book 3 in the Hall of Mosses series.)

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Haemans Series

By Nicoline Evans

Haemans Series

Genre: Urban gothic thriller

***Age Range: Adult

Book 1: Haemans

Book 2: Haemanism: The Spread


A dark twist on the Anastasia princess story... the Romanovs are back in this twisted thriller. A futuristic addiction has taken over Russia and is turning people into superhuman monsters. You will follow the dark love story between Sevrick and Arinadya as he tries to save her from the grips of the royals... but she doesn't want to be saved.

The Haemans series is a duology, the story ends at book 2... but I have an idea on how to reopen the world. One day, I might write that story, but for now, this remains a set of 2.


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Namaté Series

By Nicoline Evans

Namaté Series

Genre: High fantasy, world building

***Age range: Adult. This series is meant for MATURE readers. High school & up.


Book 1: Orewall

Book 2: Crystet

Book 3: Occavas

Book 4: Vapore

Book 5:  TBD


Orewall starts off with a man made of stone who finds a heart made of glass. It is a story about forgiveness—if you do a bad thing, are you a bad person? The main character, Rhoco, does an awful thing and then goes on a self-exploratory journey where he subtly questions, "Am I a monster?" "Do I deserve forgiveness?" It is a complex tale within an immersive world. 

Below is a map of Namaté:

Book 2, Crystet, is a prequel sequel. You learn about the owner of the glass heart and why this person is the way they are. It is also a commentary on depression—being made of glass, one is sharp, yet fragile.

Book 3, Occavas, the storylines in books 1 & 2 finally meet, and this is where you'll meet the kings and queens of all the lands. You'll also learn more about the politics of the world—alliances, rebellions, betrayals, historic animosity between characters/lands.

Book 4, Vapore, is the beginning of a new chapter. New enemies, new dangers.


I have an extensive history outlined for this world, so there will be spin-offs and ancient tales from this world added to this collection one day.

IN ADDITION: This story happens in a world called Namaté, Hall of Mosses happens on Earth .... both worlds are ruled by Gaia. So, by Vapore and Vale of Fire, you'll begin to see some fun crossover action happening.

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Hall of Mosses Series

By Nicoline Evans

Hall of Mosses Series

Genre: Nature dystopia, earth magic

***Age Range: YA — content appropriate for Middle School age & up. Also okay for younger kids who can read large stories, such as Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.


Hall of Mosses begins with a woman (Juniper) who thinks the trees are talking to her. She wonders if she is losing her mind, but as supernatural things start unraveling around her, she realizes she might not be as crazy as she thought...


Book 1: Hall of Mosses (HOM)

Book 2: Field of Ashes (FOA)

Book 3: Vale of Fire (VOF)

In this series you get to meet the Champions of nature, starting with Juniper, and you learn more about the others as you continue reading.


If you begin the series with HOM, I wrote the trilogy in a way that you can stop reading after VOF, if you choose to. That being said, there are more stories coming.

Anticipated releases:

Book 4: Drakkina

Book 5: TBD

Book 6: TBD

^^^ I hope to write this in a way that it can be read as a standalone trilogy as well. It's in the early stages of writing, so I will have a better idea once it is completed.


Book 7: Evo: The Elements

Book 8: TBD

Book 9: TBD

I wrote Evo: The Elements first... then went backwards to fill in the history. You *CAN* start with Evo and then go to HOM, but if you do this, please note that the HOM series is no longer a stand alone trilogy, and the middle trilogy (the Drakkina series) will connect the story more fully. 


IN ADDITION: This series happens on Earth, while the Namaté series happens in a world called Namaté .... both worlds are ruled by Gaia. So, by Vapore and Vale of Fire, you'll begin to see some fun crossover action happening.

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